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TOKOZA is a Christian based African cultural choir that began serving the Inland Empire of Southern California in December of 2001.This unique ensemble’s name is a common word in several southern African languages, meaning “praise, rejoice” or “be joyful”.The groups’ founders are siblings Roy Mwesa and Nomsa Mwesa Chali who felt led to share their amazing experiences of Godly, African cultural Music with America. The initial membership was made up of young students from Zambia and Zimbabwe. Over the years, Thokoza has attracted members from Nigeria, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa and the United States of America.

As Christian ambassadors for Africa, Thokoza makes it a priority to minister to its audience while presenting an exciting and uplifting performance of selections that are specifically chosen to reflect various cultures of Africa, providing for a very informative experience.The group has taken their production on tour, blessing thousands of people all over California, Arizona, Michigan and Texas. Because Thokoza has targeted many groups of varying diversity by age, culture and ethnicity, their creative delivery of the message adjusts appropriately. However their message of the Gospel remains the same. Thokoza members’ voluntary contribution of time, energy and resources has resulted in many positive outreach projects, and in the raising of funds for charities benefiting Africa, as well as local American communities.




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